A novel, non-prescription, antibiotic-free vaginal pessary for one-time treatment of bacterial vaginosis

A well-documented female consumer health product with excellent clinical results

Clinical studies show that Laccure® pessary meets women’s requirements with regards to efficacy, safety and user-friendliness.1

Laccure’s novel, antibiotic-free vaginal pessary has in randomized controlled clinical multicenter studies including 126 women, proven to treat bacterial vaginosis with a treatment success rate of 80 percent following a single administration of one (1) vaginal pessary. Yet, it fully meets women’s need for user-friendly comfort. Along with a good safety profile, this represents a major improvement in the treatment of bacterial vaginosis.

The novel product is based on a proprietary substance that releases lactic acid over an extended period of time to decrease elevated vaginal pH.

Laccure’s consumer health product candidate is not yet CE-marked or available on the market.

1) The study is published in the peer reviewed J Infect Non Infect Dis 2015, 1:005; 1-12 and also presented as a poster (abstract No. 0831) at XXI FIGO World Congress on Gyn & Obstetrics, Oct 2015, Vancouver.

Intended for one-time treatment

Laccure’s innovative product, based on a patented substance, releases lactic acid over time to re-adjust vaginal acidity to healthy levels. It only needs to be dosed once to effectively treat bacterial vaginosis.

Treatment with systemic or local antibiotics is the most used therapy for bacterial vaginosis today. Antibiotic drugs do; however, not definitely cure the condition which often recurs soon after completed treatment. When Laccure® pessary is launched on the market, it might contribute to reducing the need for antibiotics and consequently contributing to decreasing the risk of antibiotic resistance.

A common medical condition

Bacterial vaginosis is a common medical condition caused by a vaginal bacterial overgrowth of anaerobic bacteria which normally are only sparingly found. This bacterial imbalance is primarily expressed through a discharge with an unpleasant fish-like odour.

It has a prevalence of 10-30 percent in the developed countries. It is estimated that more than 300 million women throughout the world suffer from bacterial vaginosis every year; however, there are currently no effective and safe products available that are also user-friendly.

Laccure® pessary

The antibiotic-free vaginal pessary requires only one administration and is well-documented with excellent clinical results.

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