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Laccure ends collaboration with Combe and continues the commercialization process

February 12, 2019


Combe has announced that it is terminating the license agreement because the company has changed its priorities and strategy for its development projects. Laccure will take the product back and continue to pursue development toward commercialization.

Based on a clearly identified medical need, Laccure has succeeded in developing an innovative over-the-counter product, Laccure® Vagitorium, that helps women who suffer from bacterial vaginosis. In May 2017 an exclusive licensing agreement was signed with Combe Inc. In addition to responsibility for launching and marketing the product, Combe also assumed responsibility at that time for the continued scaling up of production.

According to the agreement, all rights and development results, will now be returned to Laccure as soon as possible. After evaluating the results that Combe generated, the Laccure management team will continue to formulate its strategy for continued business development.

“Combe’s change in strategic direction opens up new opportunities for us. We will now complete development of the production process on our own while greatly benefitting from the results that Combe so far has generated. Together with a partner our aim is to achieve commercialization of the product,” says Jeanette Folking, CEO of Laccure AB.

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Jeanette Folking (formerly Robertsson),

About Laccure

Laccure has developed a breakthrough new over-the-counter women’s health product,Laccure® Pessary, that was developed to treat bacterial vaginosis (BV). About 300 million women worldwide suffer from this condition each year and the infection is a large hidden health problem. Many women experience BV as an uncomfortable and embarrassing condition that adversely affects their quality of life.

No approved product is currently available that meets safety and efficacy requirements, is user-friendly, and can be dosed at longer intervals. Laccure® Pessary releases lactic acid, and only needs to be administered once to treat a bacterial vaginosis infection and then once a month to prevent a recurrence.

The company’s product was initially developed at Lund University in Sweden and the Medical University of Gdansk in Poland. Further drug development and GMP manufacturing for clinical studies were carried out in collaboration with several contract research companies.

Laccure AB was founded in 2007 and is based in Helsingborg, Sweden. Laccure is a portfolio company of PULS, Partner for Development investments at Life Sciences, P.U.L.S. AB.

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