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Laccure AB and Combe Inc have signed an Exclusive Global License agreement to Laccure’s new Female Health Product

May 3, 2017


Laccure AB, a Swedish development company, and Combe Inc., an international personal care company, have now signed an agreement giving Combe the exclusive license to market and sell Laccure’s female health product globally. The deal, which includes up-front, milestone and royalty payments, will eventually make Combe the owner of the product.

The new product has been developed to help women suffering from bacterial vaginosis, a condition that negatively affects women’s quality of life. Over the past years, Laccure AB has successfully taken the product from innovation through clinical trials to manufacturing. The development work has focused on creating a highly effective, single administration antibiotic-free product that is also user-friendly in terms of being easy to apply, not messy to use and which has a long duration.

Sven-Inge Svensson, Chairman of the Board of Laccure, said: “We are delighted to enter a strategic partnership with Combe, which already has a strong global vaginal health franchise. We are convinced that Combe will be very successful in the commercialization of our product.”

Jeanette Robertsson, CEO of Laccure, said: “Finally, millions of women with bacterial vaginosis that suffer from impaired quality of life day after day can get help, and that really feels great!”

It is estimated that more than 300 million women throughout the world suffer from bacterial vaginosis every year however, there are currently no effective and safe products available that are also user-friendly. Odorous vaginal discharge is the most common symptom among women with bacterial vaginosis making this a serious quality of life problem for affected women.

The product is based on a patented substance that releases lactic acid over time to re-adjust vaginal acidity to healthy levels. It only needs to be dosed once to effectively treat bacterial vaginosis, and then once a month to prevent recurrence.

About Combe

Combe is a privately held manufacturer and marketer of personal care, beauty, and OTC drug products with leading brands in the men’s hair care, women’s health and oral care categories. Since its founding in 1949, Combe has been a brand and category / segment innovator with the organic development of many successful brands, including Just For Men, Clearasil, Vagisil, Odor-Eaters, Lanacane, and Seabond. Today, Combe is one of the largest privately held companies in the health and beauty industry in the U.S., and the company continues to explore new ways to innovate organically and through partnerships with other companies to bring truly meaningful, efficacious and differentiated solutions to consumers around the world.

About Laccure

Laccure AB was founded 2007 and is a project company within the life science incubator P.U.L.S. AB ( The initial development was performed at the Universities of Lund, Sweden, and Gdansk, Poland. Further pharmaceutical development and GMP manufacturing for clinical trials as well as preclinical studies have been performed using various contract service providers. Last year Laccure AB and Recipharm Karlskoga AB entered an agreement for commercial manufacturing of Laccure’s product.

EVLI Corporate Finance has been the financial advisor to Laccure AB.

Contact information:

Sven-Inge Svensson, Chairman of the board, Laccure AB, and Jeanette Robertsson, CEO, Laccure AB,

Laccure AB